Get involved.

To build these mobilisations will take all of us and everyone has a place. Scroll down for our list of things that need doing at the moment or find resources here:


1. Affiliate.

Unions, branches, officials, trades councils - please sign up to support the mobilisation here. By affiliating here you are supporting the mobilisation and affiliating to the COP26 Coalition.

2. Register to join a march.

This will help with Covid safety. RSVP your branch, region or trades council to march with a trade union bloc on one of the mass demonstrations on the global day for climate justice on Nov 6. Then ask your members to do likewise and to leave a message of support!

3. Pass the model motion

Find our model motion for regions, branches and trades councils here.

4. Mobilise at work

Find flyers and posters for staff rooms and union noticeboards and a pledge sheet to get your coworkers onboard